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Daniel Jackman

Board Member

Daniel is a Marine Corps veteran who demonstrated dedication during his military and civilian career. His journey has taken him through diverse roles, showcasing his commitment to service and support for those around him.

Daniel served in the Marine Corps during the pivotal 2003 invasion of Iraq. His experiences during deployment have left a lasting impact, driving him to continue making a difference in the lives of others.

Upon returning to civilian life, Daniel served as a North Attleboro firefighter and paramedic, responding to emergencies to protect his community and saving lives. His passion for justice and advocacy led him to pursue a law degree and become a local attorney, specializing in areas that benefit his fellow veterans and first responders. Today, as the owner of his law firm in North Attleboro, Daniel focuses on estate planning for veterans and first responders. He demonstrates his commitment to safeguarding their legacies and families' futures.

(774) 254-2526

Headshot for NEHOV Board Member Daniel Jackman
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