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Jim Collins

President and Founder

Army National Guard Vietnam Era

Retired Contractor

Jim is a compassionate and dedicated individual who wears many hats – a loving husband to his beautiful wife Belinda, a proud father to three boys, and a doting grandfather to four wonderful grandchildren. However, beyond his roles in the family, Jim is the visionary leader and driving force behind NEHOV.

With a heart full of gratitude and a genuine desire to give back, Jim founded NEHOV with the mission of providing unwavering support to veterans who call this region their home. A true patriot, Jim understands the sacrifices and challenges veterans often face as they transition back to civilian life. Through his organization, he has created a network of resources and services tailored to meet the unique needs of New England veterans. Whether it's financial assistance, job placement, educational opportunities, or mental health support, Jim and his team work tirelessly to ensure no veteran is left behind or forgotten.

Jim's Military is nine years 1969-1978 Army National Guard / Vietnam Conflict Era. Training: Fort Polk Louisiana - 11 Bravo Air Cavalry. Specialist E-5 rank. When he's not championing the cause for veterans, you can find Jim cruising down the open roads on his Harley and spending time with this family.


NEHOV President and Founder, Jim Collins
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