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Belinda Collins

Board Member, Media, and Public Relations

Belinda has been a highly accomplished and compassionate board member overseeing Media and Public Relations for NEHOV since 2016. With a heart full of gratitude for our brave veterans, Belinda has been an essential driving force in providing unwavering support to those who have served our nation in New England.

As a devoted wife and loving mother of three grown men, Belinda's family has always been her anchor, providing her with the strength and motivation to impact her community positively. She finds immense joy in being a grandmother to four beautiful kids, cherishing every moment spent with them and instilling in them the values of honor, respect, and service.

Belinda has been a territory manager for ITG Brands. Now, with her well-earned retirement on the horizon, she aims to devote her energy and skills to a cause she holds dear – the welfare of our veterans.


NEHOV Board Member, Media, and Public Relations, Belinda Collins
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